Wipeout Rush will compete with mobile devices next year

Wipeout Rush has been announced for iOS and Android. Rush is the first original Wipeout game since Wipeout 2048 in 2012. It is a mature game that combines the series of classic super high-speed cars with card-based mechanics.

As briefly shown in the trailer, players will collect and merge enhanced cards for their anti-cemetery vehicles.according to IGN, Rush has a complete single player campaign (narrated in a comic book style panel) and 12 championship cups. Rush also has five levels, and the game is played at 60 frames per second on a capable device.

The game is published by Rogue Games.Its CEO Matt Casamassina (Matt Casamassina) gave IGN, Partly said “We hope that fans will treat it with an open mind, because-despite the differences-we are proud to be able to bring the wipEout franchise back into focus in a whole new way.”

According to the trailer, Wipeout Rush is coming “soon”, but IGN The report will be launched in early 2022. Although it won’t get into the console like many fans might prefer, it’s nice to see that the series has some kind of pulse.

[Source: IGN]

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