Witcher comics ranked from worst to best

In the Witcher comics, Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz, the lead author of CD Projekt Red, was interviewed, and he talked about writing a story bible for the first Witcher game. When they determined the basic tone and so on, they decided to let Geralt use the blunt way of talking from comics (the Netflix series will also use this way). Borys did not name his name, but the video game Geralt always reminds me of Wolverine. If you have read those books, you will know that Geralt may be very long-winded, and he is allergic to prepositions in the game. In the comics adapted from “The Witcher”, his tone of voice is as concise as the game, and he feels like going home.

Stories in video game comics are usually irrelevant fillers–except for things like Team Fortress 2, Of course. But because the Witcher game contains side missions, Geralt is as important as the main plot in the monster hunting during the week, and better derivative products will not make people feel trivial. Treating these as side tasks is no more interesting or valuable than talking pigs or Geralt waking up drunk with tattoos, and you will come to them in the right direction.