WitcherCon promises announcements from Netflix and CD Projekt Red, but don’t expect new games

By Dom Peppiatt
June 11, 2021 18:18 GMT

Netflix And CD Projekt Red Announced The witcher con – A new event on Friday, July 9th that provides up-to-date information on a variety of The Witcher-related projects.

Summary Netflix Geek Week, Streaming service and game developer CD Projekt Red, announced more events to be held next month. This is only relevant for The Witcher.

Event (called WitcherConHosted by two companies, of course), they plan to “celebrate The Witcher’s world with panels, sneak peaks, and more.” You’ll be able to watch live around the world while streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

Please see the teaser below.

View on youtube

Companies haven’t announced what’s coming to the event yet, but you can make informed guesses about what’s coming there.

First of all, it’s not surprising to see more from The Witcher Season 2. Given that the show also appears to have been updated in the third season, it’s no wonder both companies want to show off: As much of the next season as possible to boost the hype of the TV project.

Before the second season of The Witcher Netflix series aired, we watched the opening scene for the next season and heard information about the recast characters. In addition, Wild Hunt seems to be appearing in the game.

If you’re looking forward to a new game, we don’t want to disappoint you. The official website of the event says, “No new games will be announced at The Witcher Con, but there are still many reasons to attend.”

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