With Far Cry 6, you can make amazing weapons to your heart’s content

Anton Castillo’s bloody rule over Yara, the Cuban paradise, must be stopped. Examine the island’s myriad biomes, along with herds of Amigos For Hire, and with the help of several other revolutionaries, to free the general public from tyrant rule. As Dani Rojas (players can choose to play as female or male), you will need the best equipment you can find. However, instead of encountering rare stashes and abundant arsenals, you may need to justify what you have. In Far Cry 6, you need to create the most powerful weapons to transform into a single army.

Yaran culture is properly informed by the Cuban real-world “solver” philosophy. In other words, feel free to use anything to achieve the set goals / objectives. As a veteran mercenary and revolutionary figure, this methodology must be adopted to stay one step ahead of Castillo’s enormous military power. In other words, you are a “solving guerrilla”. While on the go, you may collect large amounts of scrap and mechanical parts that appear to be disposable. These works can be presented to the mentor Juan Cortez and processed into a very powerful weapon.

In the gameplay footage released today, you can see Dani wielding a minigun with a motorcycle engine and unleashing a genocide on weak enemies. In addition, you may find homing missiles that are cheerfully throwing backpacks and wasting the landscape. Far Cry 6 incorporates the buzz of craftable weapons, allowing you to survive the fantasy of your own crappy action movie. And when you’re not in the mood to ignite the flames of chaos and war, you can store your weapons in a holster – by the way, for the first time in franchise history! – A more passive approach to exploration and navigation. To take.

We’re confident that we’ll have more wacky guns and equipment to create, but we’ll have to wait for what Ubisoft has for future trailers and updates. Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 has been postponed, but is still set for 2021 launch on next-generation and current-generation consoles, PCs and Stadia.