With GameCube out of the box, young players are confused

Some young fans of recently released puzzle games Unboxing Encountered level problems, not because they performed poorly in the game, or because the level has particularly tricky solutions. This is because some of these fans don’t know what GameCube is.

Unboxing It is a new game of Witch Beam, where you can open and organize items in your new home. The game is easy rotation when moving, you can rotate, arrange and rearrange objects, because you can find suitable positions for all objects in a limited space. At the end of the level, if you put something in a place that does not technically belong to it-such as putting a plate under your bed pillow or throwing everything on the ground-the game will not allow you to enter the next part .

The game is meticulously crafted — there are 14,000 audio files, just for picking up and putting down items — and it contains everything from the corkscrew to the eraser. This is where the GameCube comes in. Although players can try to place unpackaged items in various places, there are also specific areas where items can be officially set. For some players, GameCube has proven to be a major stumbling block.

“We have received a lot of news, asking what it is!” Unboxing Creative director Wren Brier told Polygon via email. “The screenshots they send us usually have a console in the kitchen because they think it’s some kind of electrical appliance.”

Many players on the official Weibo Unboxing The Twitter account asked what to do with the GameCube. As a joke, Twitter user Sanatana Mishra Collected some screenshots of people who asked the console and said, “Remember those memes that make you feel old? Enjoy these tweets.”

Unboxing It was originally set in 1997 and lasted until the early 2000s. Brier said that the team decided to set the game in that time period because this is what the developers know best because they have experienced it themselves. “The age of the protagonist is exactly between my age and the age of my co-creator Tim Dawson,” Brier said.

To some people on Twitter, their response to GameCube Unboxing return Comes with a rude awakening The console came out nearly two decades ago. So while this may seem silly to some people, it makes sense not to recognize the GameCube immediately. It’s an old game console now, and I can’t even imagine how many people don’t know Nintendo 64.