With the new Back4 Blood Trailer, you can use the cleaner comfortably

Turtle Rock Studios has released a new Back 4 Blood trailer. This time, interested fans can learn a little more about the playable killing crew of Left 4 Dead’s spiritual successor. Meet The Cleaners, eight different personalities that go beyond the ability to defeat zombies. But we also learn about them and look again at some of the beasts that players oppose.

Back 4 Blood has eight playable characters, including Doc, Walker, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, Hoffman, Jim, and Mom. Holly became a cleaner after losing the entire family to the Devil Worm. Due to her loss, she also incredibly protects her fellow cleaners, a makeshift family of her own creations. She is also the beast that keeps a clawed bat called Dottie.

Walker is the oldest of five siblings born of a traditional blue-collar family. He used to be an Amley Ranger, so you know he’s good in combat situations.He may not be the most talkative in the bunch, but he will you do Speak, it makes sense.

Doc is the lifeline of Fort Hope. With an independent personality, Doc decided to avoid all sorts of social life and tackle her career altogether. But when she met Mama, it all changed. But it led her nonsense to new heights in the best possible way.

Speaking of moms, moms are always challenging and endlessly devoting themselves to others. Although she has a strong personality, she is the “authority” of the group, and when given too much, she can feel that the entire weight of the world rests on her shoulders.

Jim is the one you want to go to when you need to know more about the area, he knows Finleyville like the back of his hand. Hunting with his father as a kid gave him a deeper understanding of the world. Combined with his own military experience, he provides support to his team and does what he can to kick the ass of all enemies near him.

If you think you’re a little lonely, Curly is your girl. She is always incredibly independent and doesn’t trust others very much. However, as the threat surrounding the group continued to grow, she became distrustful and dedicated herself to this shabby group of friends in order to save herself and those around her.

Hoffman can always think of the following conspiracy theories and see them in the saying Tin Foil Hat. When the infection began to take over, he and his mother decided to bunker down to see if things went through. Unfortunately, she eventually died and the need for supplies pushed him out of safety. It’s a little annoying, but he has a good heart. It’s nice to see him find a new family within the Cleaner group.

The baby in the group is definitely Evangelo. Although he is young, he has not only proved his worth when it comes to becoming a viable member of the team. He and Curly’s dynamics are a bit interesting because he’s also a nervous speaker.

For more information on this first-person co-op zombie adventure, see the trailer above.Don’t forget to listen with anyone for your thoughts in the comments section below your My favorite cleaner is.