Wizards say D & D TV shows may be focused on Drizzt

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, launched “Summer Celebration of Everything in Drizzt” on Thursday. Magic: The Gathering.. However, Wizards also had the opportunity to promote the next movie and make fun of the live-action television show under development. It could feature Drizzt Do’Urden, a fan’s favorite character.

Fans know that a D & D-themed movie has been in development since at least 2016, and star-studded casts have been slowly revealed over the past few months. Includes Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Regis Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis and Justice Smith. However, little is known about live-action television shows. Announced in January.. So far, fans have only learned that the creator of the John Wick franchise, Derek Corstat, is involved in the project.

A news release published Thursday by Wizards of the Coast focused on television series and movies, but also seems to suggest that Drizzt may be part of both.

“In addition to video games and novels, Drizzt’s legend has action figures. Magic: The Gathering Cards, Funko POP figures, Halloween costumes, T-shirts, replica scimitars and more. A live-action television show is under development at eOne Entertainment, with a movie starring Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Regigene Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, and Justice Smith. “

Polygon contacted Wizards for clarification: Is Drizzt included in movies, TV series, or both?

“D & D movies aren’t focused on Drizzt, but there may be TV shows under development,” Wizards said in an email.

Drizzt Do’Urden is a drow and a member of the dark-skinned elf race in the folklore of D & D’s Forgotten Realms setting.His story began in the late 1980s with a novel by writer R Salvatore. Crystal shard, Then culminates Silver flow And the New York Times bestseller Halfling jewel.. Since then, Drizzt himself has appeared in over 30 novels and several video games.He will prominently appear in the next game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Will be released on June 22nd.