Woman in the Window Review: Best-selling thriller turns into a clunky movie

One of the biggest movie trends of the 2010s was the adoption of best-selling novels in movies such as: Gone girl And like the TV series Sharp things And Big Little LiesCreates a new era of psychological thrillers. Slow addition to the pack: Woman in the window, Adopted AJ Finn’s 2018 novel. Joe Wright’s movie (Pride and prejudice) With Tracy Letts screenplay (bug, Killer Joe), Mainly shot in 2018, but delayed due to re-shooting in 2019, the theater release scheduled for 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now released on Netflix, the film adds a stylish, melodramatic addition to the thriller adaptation trend, but at the expense of Let’s faithfulness to the original book.

Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is an agoraphobia who hasn’t left home for 11 months. Formerly a pediatric psychiatrist, he now mixes alcohol with prescription meditation and sees his neighbors living their lives while talking on the phone with their estranged husband and daughter. I spend my days watching. The film’s action begins when her new neighbor tries to visit — teenage Ethan Russell (Fred Hesinger), and later his mother Jane Russell (Julianne Moore). Shortly after their arrival, Anna sees Jane stabbed in her house and calls the police before fainting. When she wakes up, the policeman is at her house and another woman calls herself Jane Russell. Ethan says Anna has never met her mother.

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The mystery of what happened to the woman Anna met and what happened in the house across the street is confused by Anna’s unreliable narrator syndrome. This is a common metaphor for the adaptation of similar thriller novels. Gone girl And Girl on the train.. Anna’s unreliable nature comes from her drug, which has been suggested to have side effects such as hallucinations, and her own delusions spying on Russell’s home through a DSLR camera. Rear window.. The film is a classic noir film scene where Anna blends into the memories of past trauma, incorporating everything into the inspiration of psychological thrillers. The event is also the secret to the movie.

The storyline of the movie is a bit dense in mystery, but given the books it adapts to, that’s expected.Finn wrote Woman in the window In the first person, it leaves more room to explain the complexity of the plot. Instead of adding narration, the tricks used by many book-to-movie adaptations, all the explanations and world-building of the movie, in conversation, on the phone with Anna’s husband Ed (Anthony Mackie), or in her therapy session. It is done. The slow elucidation of details mixed with hallucinogenic elements makes it a little harder to track the details of the plot, but the main mystery goes smoothly.The re-shooting of the movie Prompted by a confused audience reaction to the first preview, And it’s easy to understand why they struggled to follow the story.

Unreliable narrators can stimulate audience skepticism, but Wright does a great job of focusing Anna’s perspective on the audience’s observations. He accomplishes that part through the atmosphere, creating molded brownstone where the entire film is done through lighting and staging in both claustrophobia and caves.The sudden appearance of the house character in a particular scene adds an effect, as well as the stunning scene where the outside world is brought to Brownstone with a set piece reminiscent of Wright’s 2012 Leo Tolstoy adaptation. Anna Karenina..

A glimpse of other brownstones also depends on Anna’s point of view when viewed through the camera lens. The scene of looking into another house is far away and at the same time in Anna’s view. There is no irony that the audience knows something before Anna knows. It helps to make the movie a psychological thriller that makes you crazy.

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As you might expect from the big names on the roster, every cast offers excellent performance. Adams’ sharpness as a harsh and delusional Anna includes vulnerabilities that fill her personality, and her performance puts the film together. All the actors, including Julianne Moore and Jennifer Jason Leigh as two Jane Russells, fill that part nicely, even in a few scenes. Hettinger is as formidable as Ethan. He balances the sensitive and the protected and holds himself in the scene with Adams. Gary Oldman also plays a very obvious villain as patriarch Alistair Russell.

Disadvantages Woman in the window Partly unavoidable due to the fidelity of adaptation and the complexity of its source material. Anna is warlike as soon as she leaves the gate, and there is not much personality formation to explain why. She reads like the best example of a disgusting female protagonist. Anna’s Tenant David, Falcon and Winter SoldierWyatt Russell feels like a pawn stopped by because he’s clearly a suspect, not a perfect character. All the plot elements that made the novel a bestseller, red herring, dramatic encounters, and emotional collapses are translated into the screen as melodramatic. A desperate woman calling for an open window, “Where is your mother?? To teens: Melodrama.

on the other hand Woman in the window Succeeded in being a faithful adaptation of the book, the reader can see the story play beat by beat on the screen. Like a movie, it’s a bit ridiculously dramatic.Not all books to generate enough Buzz Is suitable for screens. Filmmakers may not always be able to tease the wrong plot by adding styles and A-list actors. Woman in the window I try brilliantly, but I can’t make a masterpiece from a reading club.

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