Work at Roblox: Meet Denise Szeto

Continuing the spotlight series to Roblox’s talented employees, we are now a senior software engineer who prioritizes ensuring that our platform is a safe and secure place to share experiences with friends. Pay attention to Denise Szeto. Here, Dennis talks a bit about what her days look like as a member of our trust and safety team.

Describe your role here at Roblox.

My role is to keep users safe with Roblox. I work for a content safety team within a broader Trust & Safety organization, a backend-intensive team primarily focused on improving how content on the platform (text, images, audio, experience, etc.) is moderated. .. That’s why my work revolves around finding better ways to quickly detect unsafe content and take action. Engineeringly, this leads to investigating new user bypasses, building new machine learning algorithms, and working with moderators to understand the malicious actor ecosystem.

What does safety-conscious engineering mean to you?

For me, safety-aware engineering means thinking positively about safety when planning a project. Safety is more than just a retrofit. From the beginning of the project, carefully consider how a malicious person can exploit technology to circumvent detection methods and incorporate appropriate security measures into the product.

Why are you so excited to work on the Trust & Safety team every day?

Regarding Trust & Safety, there is an engineering problem to be solved. Having a team around me who is enthusiastic and excited to come up with creative solutions to these problems inspires every day.

Every day, my team and I come to work knowing that the project we are working on keeps the community safe on the platform. There are no small projects. All improvements can make a difference in how users interact. It’s exciting to see how our project bears fruit and affects people’s lives.

How does your experience with Roblox’s Trust & Safety team differ from other roles so far?

In the other role I had, I was given a product specification and was responsible for implementing it on a one-to-one basis. Our work is much more liberal than that. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries and coming up with new and innovative ways to make Roblox safer for our users. This can have a huge impact on our work and allow us to see new trends emerge in real time and prioritize the most pressing efforts.

What is one of your favorite things about Roblox culture?

We are very supportive as a team and love the willingness to invest in finding long-term solutions to the problems we are facing today. We have a great team with different backgrounds with different perspectives on how to tackle the problem. This often leads to a healthier debate about how to take the project further. Everyone I had the opportunity to work with was always such a team player.

Recently, I’ve been working on finding ways to detect offensive content more quickly, and through some great discussions I’ve been able to come up with additional detection methods. There is a lot of knowledge sharing between team members and they are motivated by everyone’s willingness to help each other.

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