Working at Roblox: Meet Andrea Fletcher

Andrea is a software engineer who focuses on bringing people together and facilitating communication on Roblox.During her tenure at Roblox, she worked in multiple teams and is currently responsible for group functions in the social team.

Describe your team’s role in Roblox.

We are committed to functions that bring people together and promote communication, such as chat, friends, and groups.We allow users to find people and communities important to them, work hard to deepen these connections, and help developers integrate these communities and people into their experience

What is one of the most interesting aspects of working in Roblox’s team?

Although I was hired as a full-stack web developer and mainly engaged in web front-end work, the scope of my work was very wide: I fixed Android errors, ran the migration program, and changed the database. There are always opportunities to learn other subjects and master new skills, and my colleagues are very willing to help both inside and outside the team.

Secondly, the main function of my work—groups—has many different uses. You can have a group to organize a development team, develop a community, or act as a faction in a role-playing experience. When implementing new features, we must ensure that we consider all use cases and ensure that users interact with Roblox frictionlessly, no matter how they access the platform. This means that when we build a new feature, we make sure it can be used on any device or browser. Putting yourself in a different perspective of users and taking the time to understand their needs and behaviors is both fun and challenging.

How is your experience in the Roblox team different from other roles you have held?

As an engineer, my investment in roadmap planning is valued and listened to. Our team has a good relationship between engineering, product and design. Encourage everyone to work together functionally instead of handing them separate parts to it. This collaborative culture helped me grow more than just an engineer.

What is one thing you like about Roblox culture?

Roblox is great because we really care about our community. We have a very active developer forum, and many employees have backgrounds as community members. I like to develop a product that is used by a group of people with such enthusiasm and ambitiousness, which makes me very excited to go to work every day.

I also like our company culture. We do things well, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Every Halloween, we hold a company-wide costume competition and provide prizes in different categories. It’s so fun to see people dressing up as their Roblox characters or popular avatar packs, or seeing the whole team in matching jumpsuits or dressing up as their favorite TV characters to find the best Robloxian.

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