Working at Roblox: Meet Denise Szeto

Continuing to follow Roblox’s talented employees, we now turn our attention to Denise Szeto, a senior software engineer, whose first task is to ensure that our platform is a safe and secure place to share experiences with friends. Here, Dennis introduced us to her daily work as a member of our trust and safety team.

Describe your role in Roblox.

My responsibility is to ensure the safety of users on Roblox. I work on the content security team within the broader Trust & Safety organization. We are primarily a back-end intensive team focused on improving the way we manage content (eg, text, images, audio, experience, etc.) on the platform . Therefore, my work revolves around finding better ways to quickly detect unsafe content and take action. In terms of engineering, this means studying new user bypasses, building new machine learning algorithms, and working with moderators to better understand the bad actors ecosystem.

What does safe engineering mean to you?

For me, safety-oriented engineering means proactively considering safety issues when planning projects. Security is not just an afterthought; from the beginning of any project, we will take time to carefully consider how bad actors can use our technology to bypass our detection methods and build appropriate security measures in the product.

What makes you excited about working for the Trust & Safety team every day?

In terms of trust and safety, we need to solve challenging engineering problems. I have a team around me who are motivated and excited to come up with creative solutions to these problems, which makes every day exciting.

Every day, my team and I know that the projects we are working on are ensuring the safety of our community on the platform. No project is too small, because every improvement made will have an impact on the way users interact. It is great to see the results of our project and see our impact on people’s lives.

How is your experience in Roblox’s Trust & Safety team different from other roles you have held?

In the other roles I have played, I was given a product specification and was responsible for implementing it one-on-one. Our work is more free than this. We are always pushing boundaries and proposing new and innovative ways to make Roblox safer for our users. This allows us to have a huge impact on the work we do, and when we see new trends emerging in real time, it allows us to prioritize the most urgent work.

What is one thing you like about Roblox culture?

I like the way we collaborate as a team and our willingness to invest in finding long-term solutions to the problems we face today. We have an excellent team from different backgrounds, and they have different views on how to solve problems. This usually leads to a healthier debate on how to best advance the project. Everyone I have the opportunity to work with is such a team player.

Recently, we have been working on finding faster ways to detect objectionable content, and through some wonderful discussions, we managed to come up with other detection methods. A lot of knowledge sharing occurs between each team member, which is motivated by everyone’s willingness to help each other.

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