Working at Roblox: Meet Jan Berktold

Jan is the technical lead and chief software engineer of the Roblox platform team. Before joining, Jan had accumulated experience on the Roblox platform as a third-party developer.

Describe your team’s role in Roblox.

The storage platform provides persistent storage for all Roblox engineering teams and ultimately supports the Roblox platform. We provide managed products that allow our engineers to easily build functions for storing data, while ensuring the reliability and performance of the described products, and most importantly, enhancing Roblox’s user experience.

What is one of the most interesting aspects of working in Roblox’s team?

Our vision is to create a platform where people can gather together to learn, work, play, create and socialize in millions of 3D experiences. Because we connect users from all over the world, building a platform that supports the experience can be challenging—especially when it comes to storage.

Recently, for reliability, performance and data compliance reasons, we have begun to consider deploying our services in our data centers across continents. This prompted us to reimagine how we deal with all persistent data. Looking ahead, we will have to innovate and iterate in the next few years to meet this huge challenge.

How is your experience in the Roblox team different from other roles you have held?

I started learning software development as a third-party developer in high school, building experience on the Roblox platform. When I continued my internship at Roblox and finally joined as an engineer, the enthusiasm of all employees and the focus on the product—whether they interact directly with community members every day or work behind the scenes to support making Roblox operational—leave it to others Impressed and convinced me to stay.

The depth of our platform allows us to innovate in a variety of different areas-distributed storage, rendering, content security, and even physics. This contributes to my personal growth and professional learning, both within and outside the clear focus of my team.

What is one thing you like about Roblox culture?

I like the culture and considerateness that align with the values ​​of the people I work with every day. Everyone owns and drives their own Roblox puzzle, and will soon find the void that has not yet assigned an owner. I am grateful that we work together to create a better experience for the community, no matter how our work ultimately affects users.

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