Working at Roblox: Meet Justin Park

As a software engineer on the Avatar Marketplace team, Justin Park’s work has layered clothing Go to the Avatar store. We sat down with Justin to learn more about his role and find out about the average day as a software engineer at Roblox.

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What is a typical day like as a software engineer?

I’m the first (and currently only) front-end web engineer on the Avatar Marketplace team, managing all aspects of user personalization for Roblox, including Avatar Shop, Discovery, and Avatar Editor. My day-to-day responsibilities include maintaining various parts of our website and introducing new user-facing features being developed by the Avatar Marketplace, Search and Discovery, and Economics team. So I’m not only working on development, but also coordinating with my entire vertical — from colleagues on the backend to colleagues on design and product, and so on.

What projects have you worked on and what challenges are you solving?

Probably the biggest project I’ve worked on so far is the web support needed to build layered clothing. This work ranged from design work to upgrading the user interface to account for new clothing types, to rebuilding key logic systems to support layered clothing, and introducing numerous quality-of-life improvements to the web experience. I worked closely with the backend engineers to build a new thumbnail and try-on system to see new layered clothing assets on your avatar.

Which company’s values ​​do you think are the closest and how does it affect your work?

I think it’s the best way to “take responsibility”. Joining the team as our newest front-end web engineer, we’ve learned a lot, and it takes a lot of responsibility and initiative. Of course, I learned the technical work myself, but I also needed to balance our backlog of features with the need for other teams to control ownership of the codebase. When I started work and started taking over the Avatar Marketplace web codebase, I was just a recent graduate, so I needed to learn quickly and make decisions that were best for our users and products. I always keep in mind that I am personally responsible for the Avatar Marketplace portion of the site – this helps guide my work.

What are you most excited about as you continue your career at Roblox?

I look forward to taking a bigger role in website development and growing as an engineer. When I first looked for a job, one of my goals was to influence consumers in a tangible way, and Roblox gave me a lot of opportunities to do that. Seeing how our product can be a beacon for users when they are quarantined gives me hope for how our platform will continue to improve users’ lives in the future, and I’m excited to be a part of that.

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