Working at Roblox: Meet Karla Polo

Karla Polo is a senior product designer in the Roblox economics team, where she uses design to explore the future of business in the meta-universe.

Describe your team’s role in Roblox.

The economics group is responsible for the business aspects of Roblox.I design user-centric processes Different teams in cross-economic groups.The focus of my work is Design interfaces and processes to promote monetization on the Roblox platform, which may include ensuring that Roblox users can easily purchase Robux or subscriptions or developers have a good experience buying ads on the Roblox platform. In addition, part of my responsibilities involves working with the Avatar team to improve the discoverability of the avatar project and enhance the experience of the avatar store.

What is one of the most interesting aspects of working in Roblox’s team?

The work of the economic team involves multiple areas of the company, including trust and safety, avatar and marketing. The overlap with these other teams allows me to collaborate with and learn from multiple people from all over Roblox to help drive the company’s overall success.

Although we are responsible for promoting the monetization of the company, our users and developers are at the center of our work. We give priority to making Roblox safe for children, ensuring that all transactions are safe and users trust our system. We also strive to achieve the sustainability of developers and create new ways for developers to make money on the platform so that they can build experiences on Roblox into viable careers, and even use the Roblox platform to build real businesses.

I work with many talented creative designers at Roblox. Their creative thinking prompted me to grow professionally and opened the door for cooperation with outstanding designers in other fields.

How is your experience in the Roblox team different from other roles you have held?

The unique thing about working at Roblox is that every opinion is important, and the leadership will take time to listen to the opinions of employees. This is certainly true within the economic group and its design organization, where I feel that I have a say and a place on the table. I have received great support and guidance from the manager, project manager and team. They laid the foundation for my success, gave me leadership opportunities, and helped me grow professionally.

In addition, the team culture is unparalleled. We spend time building meaningful relationships. Twice a week, we will play Roblox and other games together with game night improvisations. We also have weekly virtual lunches and impromptu gatherings to welcome new team members. We often do team building activities, such as virtual secret rooms, to strengthen team culture. Even during the global pandemic, the team found a way to stay in touch and support each other.

Finally, as my career grew, I began to care more about the impact of my work. At Roblox, I believe that the work we do is meaningful to our users and developers. Human interaction and communication will inevitably adopt new paradigms that have not yet been defined; Roblox gives me the opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of Metaverse.

During your work at Roblox, what was the most interesting project you have participated in and what have you learned?

In “Economy”, we continue to brainstorm and explore design, in order to break the invisible wall between the virtual world and the physical world. It is interesting to think about the future of business in a very practical way. I am learning to keep a long-term perspective while completing the work. Working with engineers and product partners helped me understand the technical limitations and find creative ways to achieve my goals. We are working hard to turn our design vision into reality.

As far as past projects are concerned, it is no secret that Roblox continues to collaborate with multiple brands and artists. Within the economic team, we focus on how our developers can get another source of income by being part of this relationship. We tested a new concept around immersive portals. The idea is to create a gateway in some Roblox experiences, allowing users to transfer from the experience to brand activities. Portals can be a way for partners to promote their activities and increase user engagement, while providing developers with a way to generate additional revenue. The marketing, social and 3D art teams worked together on this project.

Outside of the work of the economic team, I have the opportunity to Experience in the highlands. I am a big fan of the works of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegria Hudes, and the feeling of contributing is particularly personal: I am a Latino immigrant living in New York City, not far from Washington Heights; “Carla from Queens”, Just like in the movie.

It is very meaningful for Roblox to allow me to participate in this project. From the countdown to the event, the Spanish voice in the subway is mine, to my illustrations appearing as murals in the virtual Washington Heights, I am very grateful that I can put a grain of sand on a place that celebrates the Latino community in such a positive way The experience of the road.

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