Working at Roblox: Meet Luna Sun

Luna is a senior software engineer in the Roblox game engine rendering team. She focuses on achieving the best visual quality on any device and browser.

Describe your team’s role in Roblox.

I am a member of the game engine rendering team, and I focus on improving the visual quality of the Roblox experience. For example, add cool effects and new materials to improve material quality, realism and rendering performance. Our goal is to obtain the best visual effect at the lowest cost. In addition, because Roblox can be used on any device, we test our functions on various devices from high-end to low-end. When we build a new feature, part of the process includes figuring out how to fall back gracefully if the device does not support it. This ensures that our developers can use the function without worrying about accessibility.

What is one of the most interesting aspects of working in Roblox’s team?

We have such a creative creator/developer community on Roblox. Every time we announce a new feature on the developer forum, we receive a lot of feedback and amazing images of our new feature development experience. It is really gratifying to see the features you build being used in creative and unexpected ways. In addition, we respect our community and we are part of the community. Some of our colleagues were members of the developer community before joining Roblox as employees.

How is your experience in the Roblox team different from other roles you have held?

Before joining Roblox, I worked for a mobile game company in China. In my previous company, we always tried to deliver features within tight deadlines and often worked overtime. This mode of operation allows us less time to think about and thoroughly test new technologies.

At Roblox, our “long-term view” values ​​are the biggest difference. Every feature we release has been carefully designed and well thought out. Because we rarely delete APIs, once something new is released, we need to be prepared to maintain it for many years. Another difference lies in the talent and knowledge of the game engine team. I can learn a lot from them, people are always helpful. Finally, due to realistic deadlines and huge benefits, Roblox has achieved a perfect work-life balance.

During your work at Roblox, what are the most interesting projects you have participated in and what have you learned?

When I joined Roblox, my first project was to study the “trajectory” effect, allowing developers to add a sense of movement to objects such as swords. At the time, it seemed like an impossible task, but I did it! When I announced the new feature on the forum post, it received a lot of feedback, which was very helpful. Because Roblox experiences are dynamic, designing new features is challenging, and few existing technologies can be directly applied to our engines. We have to be creative, and when this kind of creativity is welcomed by our community, it is really satisfying.

What is one thing you like about Roblox culture?

As I mentioned before, our “long-term vision” value is my favorite. I think this is one of the reasons for Roblox’s success and longevity. I often encounter situations where something can be achieved in several different ways. When we discuss it, we are concerned about whether it is extensible and whether it is still compatible if we add new features in the future. This helps us avoid short-sighted decisions that are easy to implement today but may be harmful in the long run.

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