Working at Roblox: Meet Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma is a senior software engineer who is working hard to build a strong and vibrant economy on Roblox. Here, she discusses her favorite role and her influence on our global community.

Describe your role in Roblox.

I work in the economics team, specializing in payment and fraud issues. The economic team handles any transactions (real currency and virtual currency) that occur on Roblox. We are also responsible for fraud prevention, transactions, subscriptions, developer monetization (via Premium Payouts and our Developer Exchange program), and advertising.

What is one of the most interesting aspects of working in Roblox’s team?

Owning the economy is a key part of constructing the meta-universe. In the economic team, we are studying some very interesting ways to create value for our creator community, which in turn increases the participation of the platform. Through incentives such as Premium Payouts, developers can create a better experience for users while also building a sustainable business for themselves! It’s great to see developers who don’t monetize the experience make money based on their user engagement.

As we continue to expand globally, it is also interesting to see different payment laws and customs in different countries. We have been working on creating solutions to integrate local payment providers in a seamless manner.

How is your experience in Roblox’s economic team different from other roles you have played?

There are some things that are different from other roles I have played in the past. One of them is the company’s long-term vision. Since I started, the company has developed a lot—as an engineer, so do I. Compared with other positions, what I learned in 2.5 years at Roblox is 10 times. This is mainly because we are in such an innovative field, and we are creating many technologies that make up the meta-universe. Not only that, as we add more innovative features and components to the platform, the company’s vision is constantly evolving. It is always great to work in a company that is not in maintenance mode but is constantly innovating new solutions.

The second is the transparency of leaders. This allows employees to have a greater sense of ownership of the company. The weekly city hall and AMA (ask me any questions) with the CEO is a great way to connect and ask questions about the decisions our leaders make.

What is one thing you like about Roblox culture?

The culture of Roblox is very friendly and helpful. In my first few weeks, when I asked questions, people from different teams were always willing to help me. It’s great to see this, because it shows that everyone cares about the entire company very much. Likewise, everyone is keen to get to know everyone—even if their job functions do not overlap. When we are not working from home, a group of us from different teams will have lunch together and play board games. When working from home, it’s always great to see everyone’s positive comments and reactions on Slack’s #townhall channel!

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