World of Warcraft nostalgia now has a season, the public beta will start on October 5th

World of Warcraft classic Back to the simpler era, without the bells and whistles of modern retail games. But time has been moving forward, classic Has proven to be popular enough to lead to the first expansion of the game, Burning Crusade, Has its own classic iteration. Now, Blizzard will return to the classics through the “Season of Mastery”, which is a new start for the retro style of the open beta on October 5.

Master season will have some changes World of Warcraft classic Experience, Blizzard detailed this in a blog post on its official website. The six content release phases will still be retained, but their unlocking speed will be much faster, and the entire cycle will be completed within 12 months.

Raids will also become more difficult, especially now that players can get more information. The once difficult bosses and challenges will be solved and overthrown by players in a few hours or even minutes. The developer explained that

With this in mind, we plan to make some changes to make those early raid leaders more impactful and try to recapture the original challenge they presented. These changes currently include (but are not limited to):

Disable world buffs in the Raid instance (such as the rallying cry of the dragon slayer and others)

Some mechanisms of Raid Boss that were removed from the early recovery period

No boss debuff restrictions (16 debuffs in the World of Warcraft classic)

Increase the health of the boss to offset the player gain and remove the debuff limit

Our goal in making these changes is to make this experience more challenging than the 2019 World of Warcraft Classic.

The upgrade will be faster during the season of mastery, and it includes some quality of life changes, including more mining and herbal nodes to improve the economy.

Thursday, The developer posted a blog about content exist World of Warcraft It has changed since the beginning of August. This includes changes to in-game assets, in-game references to the accused developer, and the upcoming addition of a nightmare model for warlock players who use succubus.

World of Warcraft The publisher Activision Blizzard faces widespread accusations that it maintains a toxic work environment that is particularly hostile to women. The most recent lawsuit ended in a settlement of $18 million.