World of Warcraft paintings changed to reduce pornography

Add another tick to the growing list of small and interesting changes California sues Activision Blizzard for fueling so-called workplace harassment and discrimination cultureThis time, the developers of World of Warcraft modified two paintings found in the game to remove or reduce sexual elements.

As found World of Warcraft, A painting of a laid-back woman wearing a revealing harem-style petticoat and mask has been replaced by a fruit painting.

(pass through Wow blackheads) (Image source: Blizzard)

Another woman in a V-shaped tailored gown emphasized her breasts, which was modified to make the woman’s blouse less revealing.

(pass through Wow blackheads) (Image source: Blizzard)

This lazy woman painting is located in Ravenholdt in World of Warcraft, and the robe woman is (or was) in S-I7 in Stormwind. This is a prank by the disbanded MI7 agency in the United Kingdom.