World of Warcraft’s new Shadowlands raid finally lets you fight Sylvanas

Today’s World of Warcraft The patch is big. The Chains of Domination, also known as patch 9.1, brings new raids, zones, new endgame systems, and 40 new mounts. The final boss of the raid was Sylvanas Windrunner, who had long waited for fans to beat her ass. If you’re still on her side, Blizzard has made her one of the juicy loot pinatas in the game for years to come — she has a legendary bow, unique weapons, and mounts. I will.

Sylvanas has always been an adversary Battle of Azeroth And Shadowlands, And if you’ve been playing games for a long time, you might have a grudge against her for her actions in the 2010s Cataclysm Expansion. She has spent the last 11 years in the worst of conditions. The plague bombed innocent people, raised corpses to function as an undeath army, and burned down major densely populated areas.

The player was able to kill her all this time — all major faction leaders exist in the game as optional bosses — but it was a fun side shift to accomplish. Well, it’s a major, standard story beat that rewards the player who kicked her door. There is no special phase in mythic difficulty. That is, all players are watching the same battle from start to finish.

Her legendary bow is perfect for hunters and has special abilities drawn straight from it Hero of the storm.. Players with this bow can shoot mourning arrows, damage enemies in the area, and silence them so they can’t cast their abilities. There is also an undeathed dragon hawk mount facing a terrifying skull called revenge for collectors.

Sylvanas is one of the most popular characters in the game, and developers had to modify the content in the past to accommodate their fans. At one point, Horde players had the story of helping the rebel High Overlord Saurfang. Another path was later added that allowed players to remain loyal to Sylvanas, but it did not change her long-term plan to leave the horde and go to the afterlife to commit some more crimes. ..

The sanctuary of domination opens in a few days. Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty will start on July 6th. Mythic difficulty begins on July 13th. For raid finder players, you will have to wait until August 24th for the Sylvanas battle to open on the lowest difficulty level. A novel by Sylvanas is also in production. It’s late for the February release, which suggests that her story isn’t over yet.