World of Warships became weird just before Halloween

This is the time of the year that children who crave candy and elderly goths look forward to: Halloween. Along with the chocolate and ghost journey comes the traditional “World of Warships” update, which brings creepy new game modes — and some old favorites — with it.

The October update of World of Warships has a new temporary battle mode, Twilight Hunt, which allows 16 players to team up against real-time and AI opponents to find and destroy Twilight led by the infamous (possibly haunted) battleship Rasputin. Fleet of Light. The old Halloween favorite action to save Transylvania and the sun in the dark will also return during the holidays. Elsewhere, three terrifying creature ships are provided for captains who really want to embrace their terrible side: Fangblade, Thornridge, and Lobster-Eyed. Expect many tentacles.

(Image source: Wargaming)

The update also saw many new German battleships land in the game in Early Access. There are new BBs from Tier III to Tier IX, equipped with ultra-accurate main guns and a large number of consumables, giving the captain an advantage over enemy combatants. You can also win Doublins through personal challenges to bid for the Tier X battleship Schlieffen.