World premiere gameplay video and detailed information of Shin Megami Tensei V released on E3 Tree House Stream

In the live stream of Nintendo Treehouse, I was able to see the Shin Megami Tensei V of Nintendo Switch in detail. In addition, the presenter confirmed the details in the play-through for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t long before rumors spread on the Internet that Switch-only games would be canceled, but the next article in the acclaimed RPG series was lined up on the release date of November 12, and pre-orders for this title. Has been officially confirmed to start on June 21st, according to a Treehouse Live presenter.

The presenter who operates the main character (human being fused with an unknown existence) showed us the devastated dusty Tokyo attacked by the devil. Some are friendly and some are not. After the translated dialogue, the first battle took place. This is a turn-based case, the main purpose of which is to reveal the enemy’s weaknesses and increase the attacking movement until the enemy collapses. There is a franchise here first, where you can see your enemies on the battlefield before joining the battle. This is an additional feature that will definitely penetrate the fans of the series.

After leveling up, attention was focused on the franchise’s classic devil negotiations. Chatting with the devil has been part of the series since day one, and you can negotiate with these beings to turn random enemies into allies and increase your chances of wiping out more powerful enemies in front of you. Livestream negotiations didn’t go as planned and just rinsed the treehouse rep before attacking. Good luck next time!

The stream closed fairly quickly, but I was able to get a glimpse of the towering rock enemies that were ultimately the OP for the on-screen player. With the help of other demons, they didn’t have much chance, but it was quite a sight to see them all landing on the floor in the same way.

Shin Megami Tensei V is becoming a fairly solid product and goes great with fans.We have never seen Huge The amount of footage, it’s promising, and we don’t have much time to wait for the November release.

Source: Treehouse Live