Write your own story with this last Part II notebook box set

The Last of Us Part II isn’t everyone’s tea, but we can probably agree that Erie and Abbey’s diary is pretty cool, right? If you think so and want a cool collection, or just a general stationary enthusiast (they do exist), what luxury design stores Cook and Becker and Naughty Dog are for you I have a fan. The two companies have put together a limited edition replica of the two character’s notebooks and packaged them with other merchandise.

The two premium notebooks include character art and illustrations drawn directly from the game, such as Erie’s sketches. Of course, there are many blank pages and you can write your own. Abbey’s book also includes a blank training schedule.

The set includes a black graphite pencil for Erie and a red Carpenters pencil for Abbey, as a journal would not be complete without good writing tools. Cook and Becker also throw fine art prints, post-it notes shaped like Morotov cocktails, stickers, guitar picks, and guitar-shaped paper clips. It’s all packaged in a luxurious box with a proper Cordyceps warning message. This will prevent unwanted eyes from being pried open into the box. perhaps.

The entire set is limited to 3,000, so it’s a good idea to get it early if you’re curious. You can buy it now for $ 89.95 (including shipping), which is scheduled to ship on November 30th. You can view the store page. Here..

It seems to be the best collection in terms of being decorative and functional. It’s not my alley, but thanks to the craftsmanship, I’m always interested in collector’s items that diverge beyond regular steel bookcases and expensive statues (although get a model of Erie here) can also do).

Interested in getting this collection? Do you like collecting notebooks and stationery? Let us know in the comments!