Wuchang: Fallen feathers are the blood source of the Ming Dynasty

Wuchang: Falling Feather It is the first original game of the Chinese independent studio Leenzee Games. A dark action role-playing game, Fallen Feather looks like a fusion of blood curse, traditional Chinese mythology and a bit of history.

Leenzee released nearly 20 minutes of gameplay, showing the alpha version of the game. “Wuchang: Falling Feathers” takes place in the Chinese Empire at the time of the demise of the Ming Dynasty. This incident caused turmoil throughout the land-bandits and warlords vie for power-but there was also a supernatural, Lovecraftian element.

The humans in this world have begun to grow feathers, which has changed their behavior and turned them into wild monsters. As you seek to unravel the mystery behind the emergence and transformation, you will explore towns, villages, Shu ruins and other places suitable for the times.

The game trailer shows some pretty impressive environments. As you might expect, the battle is based on endurance, but it looks a bit stiff. The characters are stiff and stuttered. Sword animation is somewhere between the fluency of the wonder warrior and the soul-like wit. This is a strange combination, although we do hope it will improve upon release.

However, the inspiration for this game comes from its sleeves. The user interface is reminiscent of Sekiro, and the clues in the battle don’t just come from Bloodborne (gun parry) and Dark Souls (look at the backstab animation!).

Wuchang: Fallen Feathers is developing for PC and next-generation game consoles.