WW2 shooting game Hell Let Loose Only diehard role players can get better

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June 6, 1944. Sainte-Mère-Église in Normandy, France. I was lying next to a stream in the corner of the field far from the main target. I’m in a sniper force, with only me and an officer, I try to bypass the enemy’s defenses and mark their armor when the enemy moves into place. Unfortunately, it will not plan.

The tip of my helmet was covered with enough dirt to prevent an incoming rifle shot from penetrating my head, while my brother was still lying behind me trying to treat the wound. When the bullet flies overhead, we are lowering it, just hoping that all of our body parts are far enough away from sight. The fire stopped after a few minutes, and the enemy somewhere in the hedge about 400 feet away saw us as dead or long gone. At this moment, a comrade-in-arms rushed through the bushes and brazenly crossed our position. We tried to tell him to lower his head or he would become truly personal about the commercial purpose of the rifle, but he ignored our warnings. He jumped over the mound separating the two warring factions and was shot immediately.