X-Men’s Mystique prepares for Marvel’s major crossover event

this week’s X-Men # 20 made a fuss for X-Men fans by announcing the upcoming release of “Inferno”. Inferno, the epic and beloved crossover of 1989.

The original Inferno was when Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Gray and Cyclops’ ex-wife) signed a contract with the devil, turning her into a goblin queen and New York City into her own hellish landscape. It went up in flames. Revenge on the man who abandoned her and her baby, the alternative woman, and all their friends.

this Inferno has been rocking since the beginning of the Dawn of X era and will undoubtedly undergo twist twist twist twists and turns, but at the heart of it is the wrath of mistreated women. Mistyk wants his wife Destiny to come back. If she can’t get it, she will burn Cracoa.

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Image: Jonathan Hickman, Francesco Mobili / Marvel Comics

You see, Cracoa is part of Professor X and Erik Lensherr’s plans, and reincarnated mutant Moira MacTaggert has a grudge against Destiny and all predictive mutants. It has quietly prevented him from being given a gift. And, obviously, the only mutant precog that everyone cares about is Destiny, Mistyk’s late wife.

In addition, fate warned Mistyk that someday people would refuse her resurrection. And when they do, Mistyk should do everything possible to destroy their work. Probably written by Jonathan Hickman, it seems to be this fall in the still-unnamed X-Men series coming out in September.

Image: Jeremy Holt, George Shall / Image Comics

According to Korean-American writer Jeremy Holt Made in Korea This is his own way of self-inquiry in a science fiction outfit. The first issue is a big one about building the world and outlines the situation where couples no longer have biological children, but the privileged class spends a fortune on never-aging android children. can do. However, these parents have become accidental recipients of the model with full sensation.

The bust appears in a new form, with black skin and cosmic star-studded hair, fluttering in the color of the Pan-African flag, and appears in front of the gathered Black Marvel superheroes, after which Black Panther Suddenly disappeared in the light.  # 25, Marvel Comics (2021).

Image: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuña / Marvel Comics

Issue 50 of Ta-Nehisi Coates Black panther This week ended a long time late. Many threads are bowed together. This included all new incarnations of the gods of Orisha and Wakanda, including the bust, the main god of Wakanda. Daniel Acuña does a great job with her new design.

Ceceria and Jessica, two bad women, wear fang-patterned bandanas in their mouths when welcoming Erica to the slaughter house. Erica is a small, tense but curious girl wearing a black bandana.

Image: James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera / Image Comics

Something is killing the children Is starting a new arc with a whole new focus. We look back on seeing Erica’s childhood as a member of the Traumatic Monster Hunter Secret Society, the Slaughter House.

The two trafficked women look out the small window in their cell and are worried that their new fellow prisoners may be shocked. Then they began to scream, the woman's flesh dripping, oozing out, twisting herself through the window, her face bulging, and her fingers stretched horribly. White # 6, DC Comics (2021).

Image: John Arcude, James Harren / DC Comics

If you read Batman Black and White In episode 6, “Like Monsters of the Deep,” Batman recruits Clayface to defeat a group of sex traffickers. James Hallen kills it with this art.

Danarius, the Tewinter Wizard, asks the treasure hunter to turn the

Image: Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir, Fernando Heinz Furukawa / Dark Horse Comics

Dragon Age fans are constantly thirsty and dead in the desert, so I wanted to let anyone reading this know. Dragon Age: Fortress of Darkness It concludes with some tips on the red Lilium idol that will definitely play a big role in the next game. Let’s see!