Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to see cross-platform web bans and user blocking

The ability to ban users across platforms is something game developers can do, like Call of Duty, FIFA, etc. Users of specific platforms can also block specific users from playing games with them or receiving messages. This is only part of it.

But what if there was an ability to block users on all platforms? While this is not an issue currently being discussed by Sony and others, it is an issue raised by Microsoft.

Discussing the topic, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said he thinks the ability to ban and block users across multiple platforms is a solid idea.

said in an interview New York Times (pass through European players), the Xbox boss noted that he would like to see the theme implemented across all platforms, but also noted that it may not be an easy task. That said, he hopes platform holders will work together on such an initiative.

“What I wish we could do – which is a hard thing to do as an industry – when someone is banned in one of our networks, is there a way we can ban them in other networks?” Spencer said.

He went on to say that he would also like to see a cross-platform ban list for users. This is because he wants to ‘be able to bring my banned user list to other networks I play on. So ‘here’s the group of people I choose not to play’. Because I don’t want to recreate every platform I play video games on It’s all there.”

Talking about toxic content that could end up getting users banned, Spencer said that Xbox is not a “free speech platform” that allows all kinds of social discourse to happen because “that’s not why we exist,” he said.