Xbox co-creator comments on the toxicity of Xbox Live

Xbox co-founder Seamus Blackley Responded A viral video of a female player being abused said that such toxic behavior “needs to be emphasized and stopped.”

In the original video posted by the host Queen of Grenades, She was abused while playing the Halo Infinite Loss game, most of which were directed at her purely because she was a woman. This video clearly saddened a creator of the Xbox online service, who shared his disappointment on Twitter.

“This is not the future of Xbox Live we envisioned. As a community, with the help of Microsoft, this needs to be emphasized and stopped. This requires teamwork between players, developers, and console manufacturers to change this. Now It’s time. It’s out of date.”

Anyone who grew up in the Xbox 360 era will prove that harmful behavior and abuse are nothing new to Xbox Live.Fortunately, this is also a fact that Blakely continues to admit

“I know this is not new. I know you are angry because you haven’t done anything for a long time. You are right. It will only make me more motivated. It can clean up the environment. Let’s start.”

More people like video games than ever before, and recent data shows Less than half The players are female. It is encouraging to see a compelling name that encourages Microsoft to do more to solve such a long-standing problem, but it shows that toxicity in online games has become commonplace in certain gaming communities.

This is certainly not a problem unique to Xbox Live. Various online gaming spaces are full of harassment. After all, video games are places for people to escape from the real world, hang out with friends and find entertainment. Since the pandemic and global lockdown, the virtual world has become more important for many people, providing refuge in difficult times. Let us do our part to make these spaces safer and more pleasant. If you witness online abuse or harassment, you can help by reporting bad users and yelling in public chats.