Xbox consolidates its first-party holiday lineup

Entering the holiday shopping season, Microsoft consolidated its large first-party release a Blog This morning, Matt Butty, the head of Xbox Game Studio, shared what he called “an epic blockbuster released in Game Pass for three consecutive months.”

The first on Booty’s list is the upcoming Age of Empires 4, which is the long-awaited new work in the historical real-time strategy series. This will be released on PC Game Pass and Steam on October 28th. Continuing the PC news, Minecraft will be added to PC Game Pass on November 2nd in a few days. You read that right, Minecraft has not yet become part of the game and has not passed the console, but those who do not own the adventure/creation master can download it in just a few weeks. Other “Minecraft” dungeon content and the second part of “Caves and Cliffs: Minecraft” update will be released later this year.

Next is Forza Horizon 5, Xbox’s flagship version in November. During this new iteration of Forza Horizon Festival, players can compete in an open world set in Mexico. Expect fast cars, beautiful scenery and some hot air balloons. Take a look at our recent game preview to see how it took shape before it was released. Forza Horizon 5 will be released on November 9th, but users who purchase the premium version or premium add-on packs can first experience the game on November 5th.

November 18th brought an update of the Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition. This GOTY pack is a free update of existing games, including “five new planes, eight new airports, new exploration flights and tutorials, and highly demanding community features such as DX12 support.” There is also Reno Air Races, an air racing Sports will join the game with this update.

Finally, as the king of Xbox shooting games returns to the throne, Microsoft’s holiday release will end. Of course, we are talking about “Halo: Infinity” released on December 9. After years of reorganization and improvement, the battle and free multiplayer game modes will usher in the dawn. There is nothing to say about Halo: Infinite, except that we can’t wait to get started.

To recap, here are the dates for the Xbox Game Studio holiday lineup, all of which are included in the Xbox Game Pass or PC game pass:

Age of Empires 4 – PC October 28

Minecraft on PC Game Pass-PC on November 2 (Caves and Cliffs: Part Two later this year)

Forza Horizon​​ n 5 – Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC November 9 (early access on November 5)

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition-PC November 18

Halo: Unlimited – Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC will be available on December 8

Matt Booty also talked about the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo in 2021. There will be an “Interesting Digital Broadcast for Fans Around the World” on November 15 to celebrate this moment, but do not want Looking forward to any new game announcements.

What do you think of Microsoft’s planned first-party lineup by the end of the year? In the foreseeable future, “Halo” and “Forza Motorsport” will keep you busy, or do you feel that something extra is missing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!