Xbox Design Labs is open to make your dream Xbox controller

After suspending service before the Xbox Series console arrives, Microsoft will resume service Xbox Design Lab And we’re selling user-created controllers again. This time around, the latest version of the Xbox wireless controller is on sale and is set to be fully customizable.

Those looking to customize a new set of sticks will have access to many of the options previously available in the design studio. Introducing new controller designs into the lab are the introduction of three new colors: electric bolts, pulse red and shock blue. All of these have been on stock controllers in the past. You can choose from a total of 18 colors that can be used with any combination of front, back, bumper, analog stick, trigger, and cross key. Face buttons have their own options, with a new black text in the ABXY button color and a black icon on the white background of the View, Menu and Share buttons. There seem to be a surprising number of options for creating a unique controller.

Microsoft advertises the use of recycled plastic in some of the controller colors. James Hunter, Senior Director of Strategy and Business for Xbox, Blog post We’ll talk about resuming service and using this new kind of plastic in our controllers. “Most of our color options are made of plastic containing 30% of used recycled (PCR) material by weight. These color options ultimately reduce the amount of waste plastic that is dumped into landfills. Reduce and ensure that we all play our part in caring for the planet, “says Hunter. This may not be the only change brought to this product. Hunter continues. “Our team is working on developing new processes, testing new materials, and innovating to keep the Xbox Design Lab experience evolving.”

Ordering one of these colorful controllers costs $ 69.99, and the optional laser engraving costs an additional $ 9.99. The current standard Xbox controller design is the only option that can be customized at this time. We’re sorry if you’re looking for a more spicy Elite Series 2 or Adaptive Controller.

What do you think about adding new colors? What is missing in the service you want to see in the future? Please let us know in the comments. Also, check out all the great new games that will be available on Xbox all year round and beyond.