Xbox Game Pass adds 13 new games, including Sable and Subnautica: below zero

If you are a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass, from now to early October, you can expect 13 new games to land on the service. Eight of these games received Game Pass on the day they were released, including the highly anticipated indie game Sable. Subnautica’s excellent sequel “Below Zero” will also be available for download.

Starting tomorrow, “Flynn: Children of Crimson” is the first game to arrive, and one of the games that debuted for the first time. The other games on the first day (except Sable) were I Am Fish, SkateBIRD, Aragami 2, Lemnis Gate, Unsighted and Astria Ascending. This is an impressive and comprehensive lineup of games that people can try freely throughout the month.

The full lineup of games on Game Pass is:

Flynn: The Crimson Son (Cloud, console and PC) – September 15
I am a fish (Cloud, console and PC) – September 16
Skating bird (Cloud, console and PC) – September 16
Beyond threshold (Cloud, console and PC) – September 16
Aragami 2 (Cloud, console and PC) – September 17
The Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Cloud, console and PC) – September 23
sable (Cloud, console and PC) – September 23
Sea floor: below zero (Cloud, console and PC) – September 23
The Holy Grail of Pollution: Conquer (PC)-September 23
Lemnis Gate (Console, PC) – September 28
Asteria rise (Cloud, console and PC) – September 30
invisible (Console, PC) – September 30
Phoenix Point (Control Panel)-October 1st

Not all games added to Game Pass will stay there forever. The following are the games that will be discontinued on September 30th.

Drake Valley (Cloud, console and PC)
Aikenfield (Cloud, console and PC)
Forest night (Cloud, console and PC)
Casey Rain (personal computer)
Warhammer: Plague II (Cloud, console)

Are you currently using Game Pass? How often do you use it to view new games or to finish playing them completely? Let us know in the comments section below!