Xbox Game Pass is losing a fascinating indie game later this month

Xbox Game Pass always sees games come and go, and this month it sees titles like MLB Show 21 and indie games way leave the service.

Sorry baseball fans, your chances of knocking down baseball in 2021 are running out as MLB The Show 21 will no longer be playable on Game Pass starting April 16th. This includes the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game.This may be related to the following facts MLB Show 22 It will be released tomorrow, April 5th, and will be available on the first day of Game Pass. So we’re not that sorry because you can still get all your wooden bat needs pretty quickly anyway.

We regret that, also on April 16th, Beautiful Pathway will also be removed from Game Pass PC. A few years ago, Pathway was available for free download on the Epic Games Store, in line with updates at the time. It’s a turn-based tactical game set in 1936 in which you try to stop the Nazis from hiding treasure in a North African temple, often is a good thing.

Also leaving Game Pass PC Destiny 2but that one is free anyway, so there’s no real loss there.

long dark It will also leave the service later this month. This title sees you surviving a snowy mountain trying to find supplies while preventing yourself from frostbite. For those who prefer to live an eclectic life, permanent death makes it a great option.

Finally, also leaving Game Pass in April are comedy games rain on your parade. Here you play as a dark cloud bent on making everyone’s day worse. Think Katamari Damacy, mixed with Untitled Goose Game. If you like to make others miserable, give it a try before it goes away.