Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Partners with Disney Plus Again

One of the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, other than free game rotation and first-day additions, is the inclusion of Xbox Live. That said, Microsoft has added a few more perks since its inception, including a trial version of Disney Plus in the past. For those who feel some FOMO in Marvel’s hype about Disney’s subscription service, Team Green has announced a resurgence of the Disney Plus membership trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users.

With the latest offers reopening today, Xbox fans will not only have a classic Disney experience, but also the opportunity to take a quick look at the new show. WandaVision, Mandalorian, Winter Soldier, There are so Loki Depressed again this week, the envy of Disney Plus is real. If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you don’t need to be on the sidelines. You can see it with other Marvel fans.

As a mechanism, Ultimate members will receive a 30-day trial version of Disney Plus via the Game Pass rewards system. Unless you have a valid Disney subscription, you are eligible to monetize it regardless of whether you have used it in the past. It’s also available on the Xbox console and Ultimate members of the PC, so despite the library differences, there’s no platform distinction here.

We recommend using a debit gift card or PayPal to sign up for a free trial. Or set a reminder. The reason for its recommendation is to require payment information, which is the standard for all types of subscription trials (whether games or not). If you use a gift card, you don’t have to worry about automatic renewal. If you do that with PayPal or set your own reminders, you can cancel before the 30-day trial period ends to avoid paying for a reboot. It’s pretty easy, but it’s easy to forget. Raise your head a little!

The latest Disney + services are now available. See the official Xbox blog post for more information. Here..

What do you think about Disney Plus and its growing lineup of shows and movies? Are you excited about Loki on the horizon or are you still catching up with other Marvel shows? In the comments section below. Shout out that idea loudly and proudly!