Xbox Games with Gold free games announced in October 2021

Feel the chill in the air? We must enter October. This means that the new Xbox Games With Gold game lineup is available to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Of course, Games With Gold is not as prolific as Xbox Game Pass, but who can refuse free things?

Let us first look at modern products. aviation Allows you to enter the cockpit of a high-speed vehicle, and while battling bosses and other enemies, pull the technical style environment into the licensed soundtrack. In a similar description, Wandering It also happens in a futuristic world. You can control a group of rebellious young people to fight against the oppressive government by parkouring around the world, which is reminiscent of Jet Set Radio. You can play alone or with friends in online cooperation.

Now enter the “old song but good stuff”. Castlevania: Desperate Harmony Provides a cooperative night symphony-style action, with up to six players dealing with a huge castle full of horror. finally, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Is the HD port of the updated version of Dreamcast Classic (get all of them?). Below are the dates when each game is available and then disappears.

  • Air: October 1st to 31st
  • Hover: October 16 to November 15
  • Castlevania: Desperate Harmony: October 1-15
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica X: October 16-31

Don’t forget, you can still download the final game from September’s Gold Game, Samurai Shodown II, until September 30.Don’t forget another Microsoft service that offers “free” games, Xbox Game Pass, this week there are still some games from the most recent A batch of offerings.