Xbox is co-developing a Wudang-themed action role-playing game-report

According to industry sources, Xbox is working with Brass Lion Entertainment Create Wudang School Themed game, currently under the nickname ‘Shaolin‘.

according to Center of window -Extra verification is a gift from the reporter Jeff Grubb – According to reports, Xbox is cooperating with developer Brass Lion Entertainment to develop a third-person role-playing game with a four-player cooperative mode, focusing on close combat.

WindowsCentral said: “The event is planned to run for dozens of hours, and complete a rich ending composed of seasonal content drops and other updates.” “You will be able to get loot in procedural endgame dungeons and more customized events. Weapons, equipment, etc.”

According to reports, the band Wu-Tang Clan will take the lead in creating the game’s soundtrack. But as for more information about the game, there is not much information there.

according to A tweet Earlier this year, developers from Brass Lion co-founder Manveer Heir have been working on “an unannounced action role-playing game with a strong anime aesthetic.” Therefore, in theory, this is consistent with the reports currently circulating.

The studio was founded by Brian Darby Smith (who helped develop “Sleeping Dog”) and Rashad Redick (who worked in Skyrim and Fallout). The heir himself has been committed to mass effect.

Although no official information about Shaolin was revealed-or whatever its final name- Work list It was pointed out on the Brass Lion recruitment page that the studio is developing a game aimed at “the next generation of consoles and PCs.”The other indicates that it is creating Use Unreal Engine 4 (Thank you​​, new media).

At the time of writing, these are only reports-neither Brass Lion Entertainment nor Microsoft have confirmed any of the information listed in the Grubb or WindowsCentral reports.