Xbox October update adds 4K dashboard, night mode, etc.

Microsoft has released the Xbox October update, which has a 4K dashboard for Xbox Series X, night mode for Xbox consoles, and new quick settings.

This update adds a natively rendered 4K dashboard to the Xbox Series X console, which improves clarity and text readability. Before this week’s update, the Xbox Series X dashboard, guides, and other menus were upgraded from 1080p to 4K.

Now, if you connect the Xbox Series X to a 4K monitor, you will see the dashboard in 4K when you browse the homepage, my games and apps, guides, and many other features.

Using Xbox night mode, you will be able to reduce and adjust the light on the Xbox display, console, and controller. This set of settings can help you adjust the light source, keep the room dark at night, and support those who are sensitive to light. You can dim and customize the lights of the connected monitor, the power button on the controller, and the power indicator on the console.

All these customizations apply to the Xbox system, applications, and games, and will not affect performance, screenshots, or game clips. You can also create a night mode schedule to dynamically switch between dark and light themes. You can also manually turn the night mode on and off, time based on sunrise and sunset, or create a personal schedule.

Night mode also adds a customizable blue light filter to your display, but please note that this feature is specific to Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Finally, the new Quick Settings menu in the Xbox Guide will allow you to easily switch settings for a personalized experience. You can now quickly switch accessibility features without leaving the game or application, and you can use quick settings to turn features on or off, depending on who is currently using the console. This allows everyone who shares the console with you to easily switch between settings.

The October update was released this week and can be downloaded through the settings where the download update option is located-of course, unless you set the console to automatically keep it up to date. In this case, just turn on your system and make sure you are connected to the Internet.