Xbox repair allows players to restore their original Xbox 360 Gamerpic

If you are nostalgic for the old Xbox 360 Gamerpic-enough to drive in some states-Xbox engineers have devised a way for you to restore it to your profile on a modern machine.

Eden Marie, Head of Engineering, Microsoft Revealed on Twitter last night Xbox Series X players in the Alpha Skip Ahead Insider group can now choose the last Gamerpic they used on their account during the Xbox 360 date. It is displayed at the top of the screen list of dozens of stock games currently available.

Marie stated that this only applies to players who once owned Xbox 360 Gamerpic, and if their current (ie Xbox One or Xbox Series X) Gamerpic is not the one they used on Xbox 360.

Why might this be useful? In the Xbox One era, Avatars and Gamerpic changed several times, and there was never an option to directly import Xbox 360 Gamerpic. For example, many people take snapshots of their OG avatars laughing, juggling, or doing silly things and become very attached.

also, Classic 12 Gamerpics Those included in the Xbox 360 launched in 2005 are actually unavailable unless you find a .png meditating panda, frowning monkey, or Jaded Beanie-Wearing Bubblegum Kid elsewhere and use a custom upload The feature keeps it in your profile.

If you want to change the current picture to one of them, you need to have Xbox 360 on hand and change your picture there as usual. I just logged in again, and yes, they are still there.

Eurogamer explained Said that this change was implemented after the end of August, when Mary solved the following problem A player’s Gamerpic keeps shrinking, They used 80 Microsoft Points to buy ($1 in 2005, $1.40 after inflation adjustment, and today’s suggested retail price is $2.38). The resolution has increased with each generation of consoles, but the picture size has not increased with it. If you tried to transfer Gamerpic from Xbox 360 to Xbox One launched in 2013, you may remember this.

Picture: Author’s appointment. year 2010.
Image: Microsoft via dudemanbestbro1

The latest changes mean that the original picture can be displayed in full size. This may seem like a trivial matter, but I would love to bring back my original photo: a snapshot of Boba Fett’s head, wearing an Alabama crimson tide shirt, shorts and mandala, spinning the Red Dead Redemption lasso.