Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announced, coming this September

Nintendo has revealed Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the long-awaited sequel to 2017’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2, slated to hit Switch this September.

To wrap up today’s Nintendo Direct, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is surprising. That’s because it shows a lot of images that look similar to Xenoblade Chronicles X, a spinoff of the first Xenoblade Chronicles. Considering this is the last big Wii U game yet to be ported to the Switch, today’s livestream seems likely to finally reveal the port. That’s not the case, however, as Nintendo and Monolith Soft are ready to continue the story with a trilogy.

The trailer starts off with a ton of flutes – who doesn’t love a good flute solo? – before jumping directly into action. Of course, Noah, the protagonist of the game, fights on the battlefield with the Xenoblade in hand.

From there, our protagonist and his party embark on a massive adventure that seems to take them around Mira (unless 3 happens elsewhere). Like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and previous Xenoblade games, Chronicles 3 seems to have a vast and open world.

Here’s what Nintendo had to say in a press release issued shortly after the Direct’s launch: “An expansive world awaits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the next game in Monolith Soft’s critically acclaimed RPG series. Players will play the protagonist Nor The characters of Ya and Mio. Unrest between rival nations Keves and Agnus. Six characters from these nations will take part in a grand story with “life” as the central theme. Explore a new world that will connect Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade The future of Chronicles 2, coming to Nintendo Switch in September 2022.”

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