Xiangdong beginner’s guide, tips and tricks

Eastward Open in the underground community of Potcrock Isle, where residents fear the wasteland they think exists above them. As an old man named John and his energetic young leader Sam, players explore a series of unique environments and try to find whether the world they know is better than what they don’t know.

At this Eastward As a beginner’s guide, we will provide tips to help you through the first few hours of the big adventure, and provide advice on solving puzzles, fighting bosses, navigating the maze world, and discovering various secrets along the way.

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You can buy at Johnny’s Emporium store near the top of the hill above your residence on Potcrock Isle Treasure Radar 50 Low price of salt (game currency). Make this item the first thing you buy, and then pay attention as you explore Potcrock Isle and neighboring areas.

When you approach the treasure chest, your radar will start beeping. The closer you are, the more sustained the noise. Search carefully and remember that sometimes you can walk through seemingly solid walls and find elusive rewards on the next screen.

Map of Dongjin

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When you pause Eastward, You can access multiple tabs that allow you to change devices, view log entries (so you know what your current goal is), and view the map. This map is very useful and will automatically populate as you explore. Some maze-like environments may cause you trouble at first, but the in-game map allows you to see where you have been and point you to your next goal.

Dongxiang refrigerator with a text bubble that says

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Before you enter a particularly dangerous area, such as a dungeon or a boss room in those dungeons, you will usually find a refrigerator with a TV. Investigate the refrigerator to receive mysterious information and save your progress. Eastward Automatically let you recover from certain checkpoints while exploring the dungeon. However, if you plan to stop playing the game that day, it is best to save it in the nearest refrigerator.

Cooking on Eastward’s kitchen menu

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Enemies you defeat sometimes drop ingredients, such as potatoes or fruits. Collect these good things before they disappear. Go back to your home, or at other stoves you find in your adventure, mix and prepare ingredients to produce food that can be put in your backpack.

When you find a new dish, Eastward Write down the recipe. Some dishes will only replenish your life plan, but other dishes will temporarily extend your usual supply or additional protection. Try mixing the ingredients to see which combination you like best. The dishes you make take up space in your backpack, just like snacks you might buy from the store, but they are usually more effective.

Eastward melee bomb

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Early in your adventure, you discover that your frying pan melee weapon is damaged. After Sunnyside Ranch uses Mason to fix it, you will gain the ability to charge up attacks. This skill is immediately useful because you can pair it with a bomb.

Set up a bomb, stand near it, and charge it. Unleash your charged shot and let the bomb fly through the gap or into the middle of a group of enemies. If you do it fast enough, a volley bomb will explode from a safe distance, possibly triggering a switch that you can’t reach. Many early puzzles relied on this technique.

Enemy of the East

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Most of the enemies you encounter in the area closest to Potcrock Isle are weak. You can see them close because shadows appear on the floor, or they emerge from the eggs, or they grow from the ground. At that time you cannot use ranged weapons, which means that if you rush towards your opponent, you may get closer than expected and suffer unnecessary damage.

Since most of your enemies are very mobile, let them crawl or ooze towards you. Then swing your frying pan repeatedly to make them succumb. They may drop ingredients that can restore the healthy heart that you may have suffered from injury, or you can use in recipes. If necessary, be prepared to move fast.

Weaknesses of Eastern Boss

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In the process of moving forward, you will meet many bosses EastwardAt first glance, they may seem too powerful, but if you observe their patterns and environment, they also have weaknesses that can be exploited.

The first boss likes to throw shards at you, but sometimes it also tries to attract you. Drop a bomb, let it inhale explosives, then move with the metal beast stunned and hit it with your frying pan.

To defeat the crab-shaped second boss, you must activate the four pillars on the edge of the pen near the center of the screen. Doing so will produce steam jets from every opening along the wall. If the boss is resting in or near one of the openings, the heat will temporarily disable it and you can enter to safely cause some damage.

Dongjin screenshot

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Towards the end of Chapter 1, you need to switch between the two roles to solve some difficult problems.This is not necessarily obvious, although Eastward It did notice that Sam might have more luck on nearby obstacles. In this type of sequence, you can easily switch back and forth between characters with the push of a button.

John uses his frying pan and explosives to clear obstacles and drag heavy objects. Sam relies on projectile magic to ignite mushrooms and clear other people in the path, or temporarily freeze enemies. Usually, the best way is to have John quickly clear out enemies outside the area, then switch to Sam and let her pass through the area before any enemies (such as man-eating plants) have time to resurrect.

Eastward environment

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If you find yourself stuck in a dilemma, you may just need to take a closer look at your environment. You can usually connect some wires to activate the switch and open the door, or you may need to kick a bomb somewhere to hit a distant target (such as a heavy crate or even an underwater switch). Sometimes, you also need to drag objects so that they protect you from harmful steam. If in doubt, investigate everything. As long as you pay attention to visual cues, you shouldn’t be confused for a long time.