Xinghai Divine Power Coming in 2022

At today’s PlayStation show, the audience saw an unexpected event-a new Star Ocean game! Wow. We haven’t seen one of them in a while, right? This seems to have everything. floating. sword. Cool anime stuff. Go three aces! You can view the entire trailer below!

swordScience fiction and sci-fi in my epic space RPG? Yes. Star Ocean is definitely one of my favorite traditional RPG franchises, but we must go all the way back to Star Ocean The Second Story on PlayStation to get the best results. Whether a new title can bring a bit of enthusiasm to the franchise now remains to be seen, but I always hope that something will emerge that will let us return to the glory of Xinghai.

Outside of the Tales game, there is nothing that reminds one of that kind of warm combat satire spam. Star Ocean The Divine Force is expected to land on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Hope it will also land on other platforms! The release date is 2022, so we will see things develop as we enter the new year.