Yakuza Kazuma Kiryu is now available in the form of a duck

Yeah, that’s right. The adorable protagonist of the Yakuza series is now available as a TUBBZ duck with a bike. If you’ve never played a yakuza game and haven’t brawled a lot of enemies, you’re missing out. And now, as a duck, you can bring home the cool hero of the yakuza saga. Now, the real question is when can you play as a duck Kiryu in the game? Or even better is the duck Majima? These are the real questions we need answers to!

In the Yakuza series, Kazuma Kiryu appears prominently as the main character in many titles, with notable exceptions, such as the turn-based Yakuza: Dragon. With Like A Dragon, the franchise has gotten the coolest new protagonist, retaining many of the weird, quirky, and often hilarious habits that bring the joy of exploring the series. This series aims to continue this turn-based focus in the future.

“Like a dragon, it’s a departure from previous games, but we’ve found those changes to come to life. Not only did we enjoy the yakuza formula, but it was definitely official. It has enough familiar elements to make it feel like a yakuza game in nature. “SHelp Jeff Cork with a Game Informer review. “In the meantime, I fully understood how much this entry has established a new identity. I hope this will be the first step in yet another great journey in the series.”

If you want to get back to the beginning, probably the best game to start your yakuza journey Yakuza 0, Acts as the first part of the most popular characters.

The figure is Sega’s official merchandise and comes with a bathtub display box. If you’re interested in Kazuma Kiryu, other ducks on the TUBBZ line might be Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki or Jet Set Radio’s ducks.