Yes, there are spider grenades in Skyrim

In another week of the Skyrim subreddit, a player explained that although they have been playing with Bethesda vehicles for years to make cool mods, they still encountered something they had never seen before: A craftable spider that can be thrown at people. Spiders that explode into flames, jumping impact spiders, poisonous spiders, mind control spiders, etc.Over the next few days, players either admitted that they did not notice them, or made a wild claim Everyone Knowing Skyrim Mind Control Spider Grenade, bring it on.

One of the reasons why many players ignore spiders is that they are part of the Dragonborn DLC and can only be found on the island of Solstheim. If you want to see them with your own eyes, you need to go to Windhelm’s dock and find a ship, which will sail to Raven Rock port for 250 gold, and then get stuck in the introductory cutscenes due to one of your mods, just Use Skyrim’s console commands to teleport yourself there.