Yes, you can repair penguins in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 There are many annoying, frustrating, and downright embarrassing mistakes. But sometimes, you will encounter a mistake that makes you unable to help but laugh.

Today’s unusual discovery may not necessarily fit the description of the error, but it is still interesting. Reddit users Dunaike Decided to land their helicopter near the place where the penguins gather on the Breakaway map. Penguins are essentially part of the set, adding a little atmosphere to the environment.

But what they didn’t expect was… to be able to repair them. That’s right, if you are equipped with maintenance tools-no one uses them-you can replenish the health of the Penguin friends.

Some players speculate that as far as the engine is concerned, the Penguin is designated as a vehicle, which may be why the health bar appears when you use the repair flashlight on the Penguin. Of course, doing so will not actually earn you any points, and will not allow the penguins to change their behavior on their own.

Nevertheless, it is very interesting.

Earlier today, “Battlefield 2042” received the most important patch so far in the form of a 0.3.0 update. It brings many fixes to the game and adds many missing features. “Battlefield 2042” will receive the last update before the DICE holiday break.