Ynglet Impressions: Creating a Platformless Platformer

If you are creating a platform game, step 1 is to add one or two platforms.Indie game Inglet, Newly released for Mac and Windows PC, take a different approach. You don’t have to talk about the platform. You can’t literally stand in one place because you don’t have the legs you need.

Inglet After the comet wipes out most of life on Earth, do you command the microbes that try to invade Earth? This creature is like a squid, with a spaceship-like head and a long roll. A beard is squirting from the back. And there are no particular legs. But is it a platformer?

A little hero instead of jumping from digit to digit Inglet Finds its place in drops of liquid scattered over various 2D levels. In reality, these are just geometric shapes that allow animals to swim safely. To reach another shape, you need to collect enough speed in one drop of liquid to safely reach the next drop. Introducing the characters “Space Dolphin” Game Steam page, This obviously seems appropriate.

Like any good platformer, the first few levels Inglet After getting used to this mechanism with a small jump, a slightly longer jump follows. Cowardly players will appreciate the game’s clever checkpoint system. Are you worried about jumping? Just relax for a few seconds in a single shape and the outline of that shape will be filled, specifying that you will start from this location the next time you fall into fate. The game is flexible for all skill levels, as these checkpoints are unlimited and you don’t have to dive into the menu screen to activate them.

There is a limit to the creative scope of “using momentum to jump from puddle to puddle”, Inglet Introduce dash operations quickly. Pressing and holding the button slows down the time and allows you to dash in the direction you choose, but you need to count that because there is only one dash per jump.

It’s around here Inglet Actually start playing with the toolkit. Some shapes activate like a diving platform when they land, while others only activate when you dash directly. Careful placement of these shapes allows for an amazing ricochet operation, jumping between the two shapes and collecting enough speed to reach the next liquid. It was really thrilling to land a tricky jump after unknowingly jumping into an empty space.

The whole world comes alive with simple hand-drawn lines in the sketchbook, but these lines become more complex and colorful as you level up. The dynamic soundtrack also combines everything, giving the package a vibrant atmosphere that feels lively with more dramatic jumps and launches, evolving in front of you.

Inglet It’s not an epic and epic adventure, it only takes a few hours to play the level of the game. But that span allows developers to experience a thoughtful way to extend a single seemingly simple idea and twist it in unexpected ways to add challenge and fun. And all without the benefits of feet!