Yoko Taro may be, maybe completed Neil

Yoko Taro is known as the mastermind behind the Nier series (and its predecessor, Drakenguard), although he may always put the former behind him. The weird game director in a bizarre mask teased that he would leave Neal behind forever.

In the festival message recorded on December 22nd, Taro discussed with Neal producer Yosuke Saito and series composer Keichi Okabe about the sales success of last year and Neal’s copy. 1.22474487139 (according to the team, there are more than one million copies). This update is a friendly chat between old friends who wandered between discussing traveling abroad to meet with fans, wanting to spend Christmas, and complaining about shoulder problems.

But when Saito asked Taro what he wanted to share about the Neil series, Taro bluntly replied: “No, nothing!” When Saito asked him if he could stop doing anything with YoRHa, Taro half-joked: ” We announced here today guys! The Neal series is over!” You can watch the video by clicking the tweet embedded below.

Of course, Taro was easy to make jokes, and Saito called him out immediately. Taro admitted that it might be a lie to give up Neil. He said, “But…you never know…if I get a lot of money, I might do more…”

So, is Neil finished? My money is “Maybe not, but don’t expect anything new for a long time.” Especially if Taro does receive a bag of cash. In October, Taro released “The Voice of Cards”, a turn-based RPG with cards at its core (but not actually a deck builder). Since it and Nier Replicant are both outside, he has some “free time” and we want to know what he will do next.