Yoko Taro’s next game is a tabletop role-playing game

Earlier this year, creative director Yoko Taro vaguely revealed a new project in the first official live broadcast of Replicant. “[This is] A bit unusual game. “Taro emphasized. “I created some mysterious things that I can’t explain. Producer Yosuke Saito added that this game will make people feel “nostalgic and fresh”, and the development team believes that “it will definitely sell well.” In addition, in an unexpected announcement, Yoko Taro’s next game is finally It’s announced. This is a tabletop role-playing game, for the first time for a weird game designer.

The Voice of Solitaire: Shimalong Roar is the brainchild of Yoko Taro, Saito Yosuke, Okabe Keiichi and Fujisaka Kohiko.According to a Twitter post by Square Enix, “The Isle Dragon Roars is a unique tabletop RPG video game made up of cards.” The short trailer that accompanies the reveal only shows a bunch of blank cards —— One can only assume that the deck will play an important role in the game loop. Another interesting detail is that despite the TTRPG —— A general physical type, not a digital type —— Isle Dragon Roars is being sold as a video game. This may explain Okabe’s mention, which means that in the upcoming games, excellent music will still occupy an important position.

The Voice of Solitaire: Shimalong Roar is hot because of the success of Taro’s Neil copy and Samsara. I like these two titles, but I am particularly impressed with the latter. In my impression, I concluded: “The heart-felt plot line with amazing visual effects, Keiichi Okabe’s charming soundtrack, non-interfering microtransactions, and simple but beneficial battle controls make Reincarnation the best on mobile devices. One of its console-like games.” If you want to learn more about the Nier franchise, then the two latest games in the franchise are definitely worth a try.

Are you interested in the Voice of Cards: The Roar of Dragon Island? What do you think the mechanism and rules will look like? Let us know in the comments!