You can now make friends around the world on, but the game is still region locked

By Dom Peppiatt
June 11, 2021 00:51 GMT

Blizzard Issued an update for It’s a launcher that allows you to add friends from all over the world, but your own games will continue to be region-locked.

With an update added on June 9, Blizzard has removed the restriction from the launcher, preventing players from adding friends outside their home region (thanks, thank you. Wow).

Of the friends you’ve added, friends from different regions will see their location under your username in your friends list. Despite these advances, you can’t play with friends from overseas regions (mainly thanks to the regional servers Blizzard uses in its famous multiplayer games).

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“ is a place for players to join the game and connect with each other. Now we’re making those connections globally!” The company said in its latest patch note on .. It also said:

  • Starting June 8, 2021, your friends from Europe, Americas and Asia will be added to your Global Friends list.

  • You can chat, create groups, and see what your friends are playing in one place.

Nothing has been announced when Blizzard will allow players to play games with players in other regions, but this update says that one day the international cordon will go down in multiple Blizzard communities. There seems to be new hope.

I recently heard that Blizzard lost about 2 million players in the previous quarter, so it looks like the company needs to do whatever it can to attract new fans.

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