You can now play a demo of Metroid Fear

Metroid Dread was launched earlier this month and received widespread acclaim. The conclusion of the decades-long battle between Samus and Metroid retains the classic side-scrolling exploration and modern new features of the developer MercurySteam, such as the melee counter. However, it has a prominent and frightening new feature: the almost unstoppable EMMI robot that Sams must often avoid, adding terrible wrinkles to the formula. If you want to try out the game before investing your hard-earned money, you can now use Metroid Dread’s demo.

You can download the demo on Switch eShop, or use the browser version to install it remotely. Nintendo has not yet stated how much of this trial will take from the main game, but it is conceivable that it will allow players to face EMMI and experience Samus’s new stealth and/or magnetic grab abilities.

Metroid Dread received a 9/10 rating on Game Informer. Critic Ben Reeves described the atmosphere of Dread as “powerful” writing, “Although there are some minor problems in this old model, Metroid Dread is a white knuckle thrilling game that you shouldn’t be afraid of.” to So far, the life cycle of this game is very rich. Nintendo fixed a bug that stopped the progress and found that the game performed better on the PC emulator.In any case, Metroid Dread has become one of the best-selling works in the series (and UK’s highest-selling work).

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