You can now see inside the FIFA Ultimate Team Pack before you buy

EA Sports is trying something new with the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) pack during the Festival of FUTball event. Starting June 18th, the FUT Store will replace all packs with a new previewable version. None of the potential cards in the pack have changed, but you can now see the actual contents of the pack in the store before confirming your purchase.

According to how this works Post to EA’s FIFA site: “In the FUT store, you can select a preview pack and preview its contents. Remember that by previewing the pack, you have not yet decided to use FUT coins or FIFA points to purchase the pack. It’s important to note the highlighted section below, which indicates that the pack you’re selecting is a preview pack. “

Looking at the contents of the FUT pack, you can choose to buy it or leave it in the store. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost you to preview the pack, but if you decide not to buy a pack that’s already out of scope, you’ll have to wait for the timer to expire. When the pack runs out of time, it will be updated with a new set of content. The pack will display a portion of the card in the store window to indicate that it has been previewed. Also, the previewed pack doesn’t show if its contents are duplicate items that the owner may have in the collection, but if you buy a duplicate pack, it’s the same as the extras for other packs. Can be treated like this.

EA plans to continue using the preview pack in the FUT store for the rest of the FUTball Festival until July 16th.

This is certainly an interesting way to eliminate the completely blind side of buying digital random goods. EA has been on the cross of investigations and proceedings on this particular practice in the past, and some compare that practice to gambling. EA has even restricted microtransactions in the latest FIFA games. It’s helpful to give players a little more agency on how to spend money on loot boxes, but there’s still work to be done to make the loot boxes fair. Anyway, this is certainly a step towards a more consumer-friendly direction.