You can now see which Steam library games are compatible with Steam Decks

The first Steam decks will be released tomorrow, and if you’re one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the first pre-orders for this new device, you might want to see what games you can play on it.

Fortunately, thanks to a New Steam page, you can log into your account and quickly see what Steam Deck has verified, playable, and unavailable. In less than a minute, you’ll see four different categories of games in your Steam library: Deck Verified Games in Your Library, Deck Playable Games in Your Library, Unsupported Deck Games in Your Library, and Library Untested deck games in .

Here’s what each means, according to Valve:

  • deck verification: Valve’s tests show that these games in your Steam library are fully functional on the Steam platform and work well with the built-in controls and displays.
  • deck playable: Valve’s testing has shown that these games in your Steam library will work fine on the Steam platform, but may require additional effort to interact or configure.
  • not support: Valve’s tests indicate that these games in your Steam library currently do not work on the Steam platform. Valve will continue to add support for more games over time.
  • untested: Valve’s beta team doesn’t yet know what games are left in your Steam library, but we’re testing new games every day. Check back often to see more of your library getting verified.

You can log into your Steam account here See which of your Steam library games are verified and playable on the Steam platform. Afterwards, check out these pictures to compare the size of the Steam deck to the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch.

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