You can use Casper’s drones as a mobile therapy device in battlefield 2042

When they are not struggling with errors and technical problems, Battlefield 2042 Players began to use different experts and their tools to discover the potential of sandbox interaction.

This latest discovery makes use of Casper’s drones-traditionally used to discover XP and occasionally park vehicles in their tracks. The drone is remotely controlled because it can support C5 explosives, and players found that it can also carry non-destructive devices.

For example, Reddit user Archie Boulder Managed to stick a medical kit on the top of their drone and fly it to provide treatment to teammates in difficult situations. Given that the medical and ammunition boxes in “Battlefield 2042” have a wide range of effects, you can see these areas through the marked green circles, which is especially useful.

Presumably, this also applies to ammunition boxes. I would even argue that weapons are now blooming everywhere and forcing people to miss shots, which is more important than treatment.

However, this may require you to try several times to get it right. ArchieBuld recommends that you toss the crate slightly in front of the drone to make it stick.

If you have just started using Battlefield 2042, because this game is open to everyone, you will find some useful tips in our practical tips guide.

In addition, you will also encounter some unpleasant issues, such as misaligned collision boxes, misleading weapon customization screens, and strange bulldozer shield failures.